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Some of our recent installations

Music Studio

Attic Music Studio Paddington

Museum - custom panels Quiet Space

Australian Museum Cost

Composing Music Studio Inner West

Custom Composing Suite Studio

Music Studio / Attic Conversion above Garage in Woollahra.
50mm Nude White Queitspace panels – Cut to size.
Price $ 380 per panel.

The combination of the panel thickness/ low ceiling heights and coverage -resulted in the internal sound / echo /reverb times were reduced significantly,
The resulting noise level inside the room was reduced and also the noise leaving the room was also reduce to the neighbours joy.

There was also a removal panel to sit inside the window when the room was in use.

Australian Museum

Gallery Conversion

Black Quietspace 50mm panels @ 1200 x 1200 Direct fixed with adhesive to the existing black Ceiling
Concrete poles lined with Custom Cut 50mm panels above non permanent flats $380 per panel

Internal Studio Construction

Studio fabricated completely in Warehouse Conversion Space – Free-standing isolated.
Fixed to concrete Slab with Mechanical Anchors and Isolation Mounts
Fixed to walls with Isolation Mounts and Anchors
Sliding 900mm/ 40mm Solid Core door on barn rails.
Studio is completely removal with fasteners.
All noise is completely contained.

Contruction Method:
25mm MDF external
90mm Stud Walls
32kg/75mm Polyester Infill Insulation
25mm MDF Internal
25mm Quietspace / 16mm MDF Perforated (50%) Coverage
50mm Quietspace Black Panels
LVL Highspan timber Frames
Yellow tounge Ceiling and floors.
60kg /50mm Acoustic Blanket x 2 layers Internal Ceiling Insulation

full wall coverage quiet space

HMAS Penguin Navy Cafe

industrial perspex ceiling panels

NSW Primary School

retrofit noisy cafe

Lady Davidson Private Hospital

Australian Navy Base Cafe – HMAS Penguin

Historical Building with noise issues from rowdy hungry sailors.

Wall lines with 50mm White Queitpsace panels – Full Coverage.
Poles lined with 50mm Black Quietspace Panels.
Signage above service area lined with Panels and trims.
All edges dressed with powder coated Aluminium angle for improved asthetics and wear in high use areas.

NSW Primary School Library

Existing library in multi use building.
Clear 6mm Perspex sheets fabricated on site over existing barrier to enclose learning space form the multi level / use building.
White Quietspace 25mm Panels installed to the ceiling in between existing lighting layout ti reduce internal echo and reduce classroom noise.
White 25mm $240 per panel –


25mm Nude White Ceiling Panels
1200 x 1200mm Installed to 4-6 meter high existing raked ceiling on both sides of the large room.
Being used as a Commercial cafe the floor was a highly reflective cleanable surface.

High Coverage panel ratio > 85%.
The layout and consistency of the panels installed across the room was able to contain the echo caused by noisy Patrons.
Each area of the cafe was effectively isolated from the other, and noise did not travel from end to end.
Being an aged care home this was of great benefit to the patients with any hearing conditions as they are now able to talk and hear in the cafe at all times.

Sydney Soundproofing

Sydney Soundproofing is a contract based trade provider for Acoustic Solutions and Soundproofing based in Inner West Sydney. We supply Acooutic insulation all across Australia to trade and Commercial end users.

We also work with Licensed Carpenters and tradesmen, professional Installers. We supply customers with all Professional Acoustic Insulation required to achieve Noise free solutions in various environments; in the build stage and retrofit, or interior fitout. Acoustic Insulation Absorption Panels & Polyester Infill, Noise Barrier products, and the newer Designer Acoustic baffles and Diffusers that suspend from the Ceiling, Acoustic Door solutions and seals. We use the best products availble from various national suppliers to ensure the right solution, and have no self made products to sell. Our speciality lies in where we started in the Music , Audio and Media Industries and we apply that knowledge to the users of today. We are very focused on making the noise go away, and work at the highest standards.

Sydney Soundproofing – Transforming Noise, Elevating Experiences

In the bustling heart of Sydney’s commercial, industrial, educational, and hospitality sectors, the challenge of managing noise is ever-present. Sydney Soundproofing is your premier solution, dedicated to turning chaotic soundscapes into harmonious environments across a spectrum of industries.

Our Expertise Across Diverse Sectors:

1. Commercial Spaces:
– From open-plan offices to retail outlets, we understand the importance of fostering a conducive working environment. Sydney Soundproofing ensures that your commercial spaces are free from distracting noise, enhancing productivity and focus.

2. Industrial Zones:
– In the world of manufacturing and industry, noise is often an unavoidable byproduct. Our soundproofing solutions mitigate the impact, creating safer and more comfortable workspaces for your employees while minimizing noise pollution.

3. Educational Institutions:
– Schools and universities thrive on effective communication. Sydney Soundproofing helps create optimal learning environments by dampening noise in classrooms, lecture halls, and common areas, fostering an atmosphere conducive to concentration and academic excellence.

4. Vibrant Hospitality Spaces:
– Sydney’s hospitality scene is renowned for its energy, but too much noise can detract from the overall experience. Our tailored soundproofing solutions ensure that your restaurant, bar, or hotel maintains the perfect balance, providing a tranquil setting for customers to relax and enjoy.

Advantages of using Sydney Soundproofing:

1. Customer Satisfaction:
– Elevate the customer experience by providing a serene atmosphere. Reduced noise levels in hospitality spaces create an ambiance that keeps patrons coming back for more, boosting your reputation and positive reviews.

2. Employee Well-being:
– Happy employees are productive employees. Sydney Soundproofing promotes a work environment that reduces stress and fosters concentration, resulting in increased job satisfaction and improved overall well-being.

3. Enhanced Learning Environments:
– For educational institutions, a quiet and focused atmosphere is essential for effective learning. Our soundproofing solutions create an environment where students can absorb knowledge without distraction.

4. Regulatory Compliance:
– Stay in compliance with local noise regulations, avoiding potential legal issues and ensuring that your business or institution remains a responsible and valued member of the community.

5. Improved Safety in Industrial Settings:
– In industrial spaces, excessive noise can pose safety risks. Sydney Soundproofing not only enhances comfort but also contributes to a safer work environment by minimizing noise-related distractions.

Elevate Your Environment with Sydney Soundproofing:

At Sydney Soundproofing, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each industry. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you create a quieter, more focused, and harmonious space for your customers, employees, and students alike. Transform noise into an asset, and experience the difference with Sydney Soundproofing.

Warehouse/ Loading Bay in Canterbury NSW.

In the last few years we have also installed Soundpoofing to Schools, Doctors, CourtRooms, Offices, Treatment Rooms. We use professional Installers, or can supply only.

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