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Sorberpoly 2D

Lightweight acoustic insulation with open cell decoupler


Sorberpoly™ 2D acoustic insulation is a fine fibre, non-woven polyester, with excellent sound absorbing and thermal insulation properties, useful in high humidity applications.
It is fuel, oil and grease resistant. Under normal applications, the material will last a life-time.



  • Compressible, thermally mouldable
  • Lightweight, with high NRC values per thickness
  • Recyclable, manufactured from 100% polyester fibre.
  • Non toxic, will not irritate the skin when handled
  • Easy to cut, heat seal, thermally or sonically weld and installed
  • Non-wicking, hydrophobic(Self draining) does not hold water
  • Multiple assembly approaches possible
  • Available with self-adhesive backing for ease of installation
  • Efficient thermal insulation along with sound absorption
  • Contains no resin binders to create an unpleasant odour or mildew – Will not degrade, crumble or smell over time
  • Can be used as a replacement to fibreglass/rockwool, in areas subject to high humidity and condensing moisture

Designed to improve every type of environment.

It’s a lightweight, hydrophobic (non-wicking) product which is easily cut, using scissors or a sharp knife.
Sorberpoly 2D can be used in cavities and voids within building structures, heavy transport vehicles, trains and large boats. It is also suitable to use in making baffle absorbers and office partitions.

Sorberpoly 2D

It’s low irritant and much safer and easier for operators to use than fibreglass or rockwool alternatives.


  • with various surface coverings such as plain, reinforced or perforated aluminium foil, metallised film, black non-woven polyester and other available on request
  • in thicknesses from 6 to 100mm
  • in various densities, rolls and sheets, and product thicknesses


  • Fills voids that can conduct noise from adjacent rooms or from outside to inside
  • Marine bulkheads and deck heads, including wall cavities and ceiling voids
  • Noise control and thermal insulation for HVAC equipment
  • Acoustic hanging baffles, acoustic wall panels
  • Office infill partitions
  • Open area reverberation control, as a backing material

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