Acoustic Soundproofing Panels Sydney



I need a Soundproof window?

Call a glass man.

Soundproofing versus Noise reduction?

There is a difference between soundproofing and Internal Noise reduction.

Please advise if you are trying to prevent SoundTravelling from Room to room?, or Room to Outside?, or Outside Noise In?

Is your room noisy with echo and strange echos?

Does your Zoom VCF suck when on Speaker ?

Do you have a shop or showroom i can come to?

No, We are not a shop.

i have an idea for a Home studio?

Great, if you know what you need that would be great.
We need photos, Dimensions, plans and what you are trying to achieve.
If you email us we can get back to you.
If you call our 1300, it may be not be an instant response.

How much does soundproofing cost?

Insulation materials can be over $100 per meter to $500 per meter. Installation costs can be $/ hour depending on site requirements and time frames eg Licensed Carpenters etc.

Do we deal with residential jobs?

No, we are not licensed accordingly, and find our products are too expesnsive to justify for non business use.

Can i buy insulation from Sydney Soundproofing?

Yes, If you know how many meter sq. required and have adequate transport.

I have a noisy Apartment, can you soundproof it?


I have a rental, can you help soundproof?

No. Ask the Landlord first.